The BIG Hospital SBIRT Initiative

A Learning Collaborative to Expand SBIRT into Hospitals and Other Medical Settings




Implementing SBIRT in Emergency Departments

Description: Substance use Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is a simple, time limited, cost effective practice that has been shown to decrease substance use, reduce readmission, lower costs, and improve outcomes among Emergency Department patients.   Multiple implementation models indicate that SBIRT can be integrated into existing processes and easily molded to complement current standards of care. 

Learning Objectives: This webinar will provide information that will assist you in:
  • Understanding SBI (screening and brief intervention)
  • Understanding different models of service provision
  • Implementation strategies
  • Barriers and bridges to implementation 
  • Integration into existing services 
  • Documentation  


Presenter: Steve O'Neil

CE Credit and Certificate: CE credit for this webinar has expired and is no longer available.