The BIG Hospital SBIRT Initiative

A Learning Collaborative to Expand SBIRT into Hospitals and Other Medical Settings

We Need Your Help!

The SBIRT Hospital Initiative campaign works with all interested stakeholders in the hospital SBI supply chain.

The goal is to obtain “buy-in” from all stakeholders and to link them into a learning collaborative of:

  • hospital administrators
  • physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff
  • residency program directors
  • quality improvement managers
  • SBIRT grantees
  • SBI researchers and experts 
  • professional medical association representatives 

If hospitals hear from every stakeholder that SBI tools, resources, and technical assistance are readily available, then we can start to change practice and move hospitals toward adoption of the Joint Commission SBI measures. 

If every medical professional organization’s continuing education websites offer consistent training materials on SBI, then the clear message will be heard.  

Through this learning collaborative we can provide you with SBI materials and training resources, technical assistance, and opportunities to link and share with your colleagues across the field.